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Jorge Olaf Plascencia's Kitten

So this is my life. I'm not your local geek or a jock or on the debate team. I'm just... me... I'm Jorge and this is MY story. There's this kid, Brad he's a cool kid, and me? I'm just trying to pass Calculus while other kids struggle with drugs and alcohol, I struggle to keep awake at night doing my studies. But. One night something happened that changed my life. I heard a knock on the door and on the foot steps of my bare feet there was a cargo box labeled "To: Jorge". My heart pounded briskly and my finger coil around the box and my eyes wander toward the taped area. I recall getting a box like this, and my fingers stabbed the taped area and my breath grew heavy. I withdrew from opening the box, and headed toward the kitchen and on the corner of the room, there was a loud buzzing. I turned around and there it was. The most hideous looking cat staring at me with its golden eyes. His stare pierced through mine and only one thought came to mind: Chicken McNuggets.

There are other Fish in the Sea.

Now there are numerous reasons as to why I enjoy fish. It may be for the love of the calm scerenity of the ocean as the water begins to ripples and you know that the fish you are about to catch is now going to be taken away from their families for the own pleasure of man. Or, perhaps, the main reason that I like fish is simply for the name. Like, cmon, trouts? Bass? Please..."